Labor Markets in Recession and Recovery

October 22-23, 2010

Recent recipients of Upjohn Institute-sponsored grants presented research on this year's theme - Labor Markets in Recession and Recovery. The conference included research on the following issues:

  • Employment tax credits
  • Employment and high-skill immigration
  • Pensions and retirement income in the economic crisis
  • Unemployment insurance and low-skill workers
  • Employment dynamics, long-term unemployment, and wage losses following displacement

Papers will be posted as they become available.

Employment Tax Credits: Evidence from the States
Robert Chirinko, University of Illinois at Chicago (presenter)
Daniel Wilson, Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco
Employment, Innovation, and High-Skill Immigration
Kirk Doran, University of Notre Dame (presenter)
George Borjas, Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University
The Economic Crisis and Retirement Income
Phillip Levine, Wellesley College (presenter)
Courtney Coile, Wellesley College
The Persistence of Employee 401(k) Contributions
John Turner, Pension Policy Center (presenter)
Leslie Muller, Aquinas College
Policy paper version     Working paper version
Unemployment Insurance and Low-Skilled Single Working Mothers after Welfare Reform: New Evidence from the SIPP
Luke Shaefer, University of Michigan
Policy paper version     Working paper version
Displacement, Asymmetric Information and Heterogeneous Human Capital
Luojia Hu, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago
Christopher Taber, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Working paper version     Published version
Hours Adjustments, Job Quality, and the Effects of Labor Market Policies: A Three-County Study of Retail Jobs
Chris Tilly, University of California, Los Angeles
Françoise Carré, University of Massachusetts Boston
Policy paper version     Working paper version
Sectoral Adjustments in the Financial Services Industry: Using Administrative Data to Understand Firm and Employment Dynamics in New Jersey
Aaron Fichtner, Assistant Commissioner, Labor Planning and Analysis
New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development
Options for Addressing Long-Term Unemployment as the Economy Recovers
Ralph E. Smith, Former Chief of Employment and Income Security Policy
Congressional Budget Office
Policy paper version     Working paper version