Evaluation of KPS Summer Reading Program

Project Dates

07/16/2013 - 03/31/2014


Several years ago, Kalamazoo Public Schools implemented a summer reading program, whereby elementary students in certain grades would be assigned a list of books to read over the summer. The goal of the program is to boost standardized test scores in reading, which tend to fall over summer break. Using KPS administrative data and detailed records of books that students have read (from returned post cards), we plan to evaluate the effects of the program on subsequent reading scores, accounting for selection and intensity of participation. Although there is not random assignment, the richness of data allows for multiple methods to determine causal effects. The final products will consist of a working paper (intended for a peer-reviewed publication) and a report to KPS that will describe which elements of the program were most effective.

Subject Area

EDUCATION; K-12 Education