A Study of the Impact of Michigan’s K-12 Educational Funding on Student Achievement Gaps (Skillman Grant No. 201400169)

Project Dates

05/01/2014 - 07/01/2015


Twenty years ago, Michigan’s Proposal A tried to solve an (inter-district) financial equity issue. Arguably, Proposal A worked - it reduced fiscal disparities among districts. However, another equity issue needed to be addressed in the state: wide achievement gaps among students. This project developed recommendations as to how states’ funding mechanisms could be used to ameliorate achievement gaps. The project collected state-by-state funding regulations and data that were organized into a publicly available data set. It buttressed those data with a thorough review of educational financing literature and an informal survey of finance experts. Using the data and information that were collected, project staff members conducted a multivariate analysis of how state funding influences student achievement.


The Road Toward K-12 Excellence in Michigan: How an Upgraded Financing System Can Better Support Enhanced Student Achievement, Kevin Hollenbeck, Timothy Bartik, Randall Eberts, Brad Hershbein, Michelle Miller-Adams (2015)

The Road Toward K-12 Excellence in Michigan, Kevin Hollenbeck (2015)


The Skillman Foundation ; Grant No. 201400169

Subject Area

EDUCATION; K-12 Education