How Sectoral Initiatives Can Help to Solve the Youth Unemployment Problem

Project Dates

09/01/2014 - 12/29/2014


Sectoral initiatives address the common needs of employers in an industry by bringing together government, education, workforce development, economic development, labor, and other community organizations to focus on the workforce needs of that industry. Little is known about the extent to which sectoral initiatives have engaged in any activities focused on the employment problems of disconnected youth. This study reviewed literature on past or current programs that may have facilitated the involvement of sectoral initiatives in youth labor market development, identified barriers and facilitators to this strategy, and suggested policy levers and incentives for increasing the pipeline of disconnected youth in addressing the skill needs of industry.


The Role of Sectoral Initiatives in Solving the Employment Problems of Opportunity Youth, Kevin Hollenbeck. Policy Paper No. 2015-018 (2015)

Sectoral Initiatives and Opportunity Youth, Kevin Hollenbeck (2015)

Subject Area

ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT; Industry studies; WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT; Public training programs; On the job training