Ford Foundation – Working Group on Domestic Outsourcing

Project Dates

05/01/2015 - 12/15/2015


The Ford Foundation grant was used to support a working group on domestic outsourcing. The working group was composed of Eileen Appelbaum, Rosemary Batt, Annette Bernhardt and Susan Houseman. These scholars provided the expertise needed to conceptualize a research framework and methodology and developed a set of research questions that could inform our understanding of the implications of domestic contracting out and networked production for workers. As part of this grant, the working group undertook three main activities: (1) convened a meeting of academic scholars and legal experts to comment on and help clarify our ideas and approach; (2) wrote a working paper that developed a conceptual and methodological framework for studies of domestic production networks where contracting out is a central strategy; and (3) drafted a set of research questions that could serve as the basis for an initiative by the Ford Foundation and other foundations to understand the implications of these developments for workers and job quality.


Memorandum: Data Needs for Research on Domestic Outsourcing in the United States Susan Houseman, Annette Bernhardt. Upjohn Institute Report (2017)

Domestic Outsourcing in the United States: A Research Agenda to Assess Trends and Effects on Job Quality Annette Bernhardt, Rosemary Batt, Susan Houseman, Eileen Appelbaum. Upjohn Institute Working Paper No. 16-253 (2016)

CEPR Working Paper, March 2016

IRLE Working Paper #102-16, February 2016


Institute of International Education (IIE), Ford Foundation

Subject Area

LABOR MARKET ISSUES; Employment relationships