Labor Market Analysis for the Kenosha, WI Region

Project Dates

08/13/2015 - 06/31/2016


The Kenosha Area Business Alliance (KABA), in partnership with the University of Wisconsin-Extension, seeks to better understand its regional workforce and gain an understanding of the general characteristics of its regional workforce, such as education attainment, age profile, commuting patterns, occupations, and skill levels. KABA and the Extension are also interested in gaining insight into existing employee workplace preferences, work/career objectives, and expectations. The Regional Team conducted facilitated discussion sessions with area employers to gain an appreciation of the current labor market conditions in the region, and then used the information gained from these sessions to develop and implement a survey of the region’s employees. The Team also conducted an analysis of the Kenosha region’s labor situation to generate a regional economic profile.


Labor Market Analysis of the Kenosha, Wisconsin Region. Includes Addendum file. B. Bommersbach, D. Edgerly, G. Erickcek, B. Pittelko, C. Robey, J. Robey, B. Timmeney (2016)


Kenosha Area Business Alliance

Subject Area

ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT; Regional policy and planning