Asset Mapping of Work-Based Programs and Initiatives in the I-69 Thumb Region

Project Dates

09/11/2015 - 04/28/2016


This project represented an important step to implementing the five-year Prosperity Plan recently adopted for the I-69 Thumb Region in Michigan. Understanding the landscape of the region was the first step to implementing strategies outline in the Prosperity Plan. An understanding of current work-based conditions shaped the strategies used to address issues in the region. This project inventoried and mapped work-based programs in the I-69 Thumb Region.


I-69 Thumb Region Asset Mapping of Work-Based Programs and Initiatives, L. Adams, B. Bommersbach, B. Pittelko, C. Robey, J. Robey, B. Timmeney (2016)


GLS Region V Planning & Development Commission

Subject Area

ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT; Regional policy and planning