Evaluation of WIRED Generations II and III

Project Dates

10/29/2007 - 04/30/2012


The WIRED Initiative (Workforce Innovation in Regional Economic Development), launched by the Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration in November 2005, stresses the critical role talent development plays in creating effective regional economic development strategies. WIRED facilitates collaboration between workforce development agencies, educational agencies, and economic development agencies at the regional level to address the challenges associated with building a globally competitive and prepared workforce. Upjohn Institute staff was a subcontractor to Public Policy Associates (Lansing, Michigan) on the evaluation of WIRED Generation II and III participants. The scope of work included project design, site visits to WIRED grantees, an online survey of WIRED participants, analysis of extant data, and report writing.


Nurturing America's Growth in the Global Marketplace Through Talent Development: an Interim Report on the Evaluation of Generations II and III of WIRED, Nancy Hewat, Kevin Hollenbeck; submitted by Public Policy Associates and Upjohn Institute; issued as U.S. Dept. of Labor Employment and Training Administration. ETA Occasional Paper 2009-19 (2009)

Evaluation of Regional Collaborations for Economic Development: Lessons from the Employment and Training Administration's WIRED Initiative, Kevin Hollenbeck, Nancy Hewat (2010)


U.S. Dept of Labor, Employment and Training Administration ; DOLJ071A20606

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