Economic Impact of the Michigan Large Special Event Fund

Project Dates

08/22/2016 -


The Regional Economic Planning Strategies team will assist the Detroit Metro Convention and Visitors Bureau (DMCVB) to better understand the implications that the Michigan Large Special Fund (MLSP) is having on both the Detroit region and the state of Michigan. The intent of this analysis is to help the DMCVB to secure what is currently an annualized authorization of the Fund as a more permanent component in the state of Michigan's budget. This fund supports the attraction efforts of convention and visitor bureaus across the stat in attracting large (4,000+) conventions that will attract a significant share of visitors from outside of Michigan. This work will estimate the impact on employment and some public sector revenues based on forecasts of number of visitors and their time in the state and associated spending patterns. These estimates will be created using the REMI model.


Detroit Metro Convention & Visitors Bureau

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