Estimating the Economic Impacts of Pfizer Corporation on the Kalamazoo MSA

Project Dates

09/22/2016 -


Pfizer Corporation is a major employer in the Kalamazoo Region. They currently have over 2,200 employees with an annual wage bill of more than $185 million. They are making significant investments in the next few years that will help the firm to increase productivity while helping the region maintain a significant employer. Pfizer has engaged the Institute to estimate the economic impacts of both the new construction as well as current operations on the region. Using cost estimates of building new facilities as well as the current employment and wage bill, the Institute will estimate the impacts of these economic activities and will report the impacts to direct, indirect, and induced employment as well as changes to personal income, gross regional product, and output. In addition, Pfizer has supplied zip code level data on where their workers reside as well as the locations and purchasing values of their supply chains. The Institute will provide both regional and national maps (where applicable) of these data by zip codes.


Pfizer Corporation

Subject Area

ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT; Regional policy and planning