Gull Lake View Economic Impact Analysis

Project Dates

05/22/2017 -


Gull Lake View operates a number of courses in the greater Kalamazoo area. A significant portion of their client base in not only from outside the region, but also outside of the state of Michigan. Along with golf operations, they also have accommodations and eating and drinking establishments. We will work with staff at the club to develop a survey instrument that will serve two purposes, to identify the share of patrons that come from out of the region and out of the state as well as help to estimate off-site spending. The shares on non-residents will be used to estimate the share of expenditures from the organization for use in the impact model (operations). We will also use the survey data to estimate the impacts from reported spending from the survey (visitors). All estimates will be created using REMI and combined into a single PowerPoint report.


Gull Lake View Golf Club, Inc.

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