Economic Impact at the National Level of the Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP)

Project Dates

02/06/2018 -


An update to the study conducted for MEP and NIST through SSTI in 2017. Using a two-region REMI model, estimate the impacts of MEP activities on the macro economy for the period Q4:2016 to Q3:2017. The analysis will be based on survey responses from firms who received services from MEP centers across the country. The traditional measures of impact will be changes to employment, GDP, wages as well as potential returns from income tax revenue from personal income tax. A series of REMI simulations will be run using firm and industry variables as will as using reduced amounts of inputs as part of a sensitivity analysis around the causal impacts of the MEP involvement. The final products will be a technical report and a summary report, both of which will be in a Power Point report style as will as a webinar with the MEP centers.


The National-Level Economic Impact of the Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP): Estimates for Fiscal Year 2017 Robey, Jim, Randall Eberts, Carlesa Beatty, Kathleen Bolter, Marie Holler, Brian Pittelko, Claudette Robey (2018)


State Science and Technology Institute

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