Bedford County Economic Needs Assessment

Project Dates

12/01/2018 -


The partnership of Juniper Solutions and the W.E. Upjohn Institute for Employment Research will jointly develop and provide the Bedford County Development Association (BCDA) with an Economic Needs Assessment. Juniper Solutions will lead the team and create reports and presentations with assistance from Upjohn. The deliverables will include an Industry Analysis including using indexes based on location quotients and shift share techniques. After identifying industries that appear to have a competitive advantage in and around the county, the team will provide an assessment of the region's relative capacity to train for needed occupations, assess other attributes of the region from a site selection viewpoint, provide an analysis of real estate conditions in the region, and use Burning Glass data to estimate demand for workers in critical occupations. Conversations with regional stakeholders will help to validate data-based findings. Final products will be both a full report as well as a presentation to the organization's board on findings.


Juniper Solutions

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