Cost Estimate and Feasibility of a Birmingham Regional Promise

Project Dates

12/01/2018 -


The Alabama Possible office has contracted with the Upjohn Institute to undertake a feasibility and cost study of a Birmingham Area Promise program to include the following:

1. Stakeholder Presentation. The Upjohn Institute will provide a virtual presentation to the stakeholder planning group about Promise programs to highlight key decision points needed about design that the planning group will need to address. The presentation will emphasize the importance of the planning group reaching consensus around the community's identified needs and assets and how design decisions can impact outcomes related to community need. The design decisions shall also be provided in writing by the Upjohn Institute for the planning groups' alignment discussions.

2. Design Follow-Up. Alabama Possible shall provide a written description of the design decisions following the planning process. Alabama Possible shall identify 2-3 preferred program models for the Upjohn Institute to use for forecasting.

3. Draft Cost Estimate Memorandum. Based on decisions made by the planning group, Upjohn Institute staff will prepare a report detailing our methodology and estimating the costs of a Birmingham Promise over a 10-year time frame for the designated Birmingham area comprehensive high schools. It is understood that the cost estimate will be based on decisions made by the planning group regarding student eligibility, eligible post-secondary institutions, and time frame for the program, and that the cost estimate will cover several scenarios. This memorandum shall be used to solicit feedback from the planning group for final design decisions.

4. Final Cost Estimate. A revised cost estimate will be prepared by the Upjohn Institute and delivered as a memorandum and/or PowerPoint presentation to the planning group by the Upjohn Institute.


Alabama Possible

Subject Area

EDUCATION; Promise scholarships