Conducting surveys of EMSD clients to provide market information to their clients

Project Dates

01/21/2019 -


The State of Michigan's Labor Market Information (LMI) is able to provide information about wages for occupations down to the Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSA) in the state. But the data are limited to a select group of occupations, the most recent data available are for 2017, and the data do not cover non-MSA locations very well. The LMI data does provide, for those occupations and geographies included, a wide range of wages including mean and median wages as well as "entry" wage.

This research will take the data collection to a more detailed level than provided by LMI. Through a partnership with Research and EMSD, data will be collected in a more timely manner, and the data will be collected on a broader set of topics beyond wages. In this process, EMSD staff will work with employers in the region to collect data via online survey methods each quarter. The topic each quarter will be different, but for Q1 2019 the topic will be starting wages by occupations and industries. In Q2 2019, the topic will be on benefits that will help to round out the compensation question. Topics for Q3 and Q4 for 2019 will be determined based on client needs for information and determined collaboratively with EMSD and Research.

Upjohn will partner on the data collection side with Kent State University at Start (KSU/Stark). KSU/Stark has more than 12 years of experience in collecting these types of data and have a well-tested online tool to collect both starting wage and benefit data. In collaboration with the Upjohn team, they will develop surveys for Q3 and Q4. KSU/Stark will, at the end of the survey period, provide the data to Upjohn for analysis. KSU/Stark will not use any data of the Upjohn data for research or to provide comparisons to other similar client data.

Upjohn staff will provide an analysis and summary of the data that will be useful to companies in better understanding current regional market conditions. The summaries and reporting will be developed collaboratively between EMSD and Research. At no time will a single firm's data be reported, and checks will be in place to be sure that confidentiality of the firm will be maintained.


W.E. Upjohn Institute

Subject Area

ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT; Local labor markets; LABOR MARKET ISSUES; Wages, health insurance and other benefits