Economic Development Research Project to Assess the Effectiveness of the Economic Development Administration's Partnership Program

Project Dates

01/01/2010 - 12/31/2011


This analysis evaluated the U.S. Economic Development Administration's (EDA) 380 Economic Development Districts (EDDs) in terms of their effectiveness in promoting economic development in economically distressed communities. In addition, the analysis examined the effectiveness of the Comprehensive Economic Development Strategies (CEDS) that are prepared by these EDDs as an overall planning tool used by the region's economic development community. Researchers developed a scoring tool and template that could be used in the future development of these documents. Finally, researchers prepared and presented training programs for EDA staff and practitioners and developed interactive learning materials and evaluation tools that will be available on EDA's website.


An Assessment of EDA's partnership Planning Program, Gerorge Erickcek, Brad Watts, et al. (2011)

Regionalism, Networks, and Partnerships: A Leadership Approach to Economic Development, George Erickcek, Brad Watts, Claudette Robey, Jim Robey (2011)


U.S. Economic Development Administration


EDA 99-07-13867

Subject Area

ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT; Regional policy and planning