Domestic Outsourcing in the United States

Project Dates

01/01/2006 - 01/31/2012


This research addresses the significant growth in domestic contracting out over the last two decades. Data over a fifteen-year period (1989-2004) from various sources will be pulled together to shed light on the extent of and trends in domestic outsourcing, the occupations in which it has grown, and the industries engaging in outsourcing for the employment services sector which has been a particularly important area of domestic outsourcing. In addition, researchers will examine evidence of contracting out of selected occupations to other sectors. Researchers will recommend steps to improve the gaps in data collection to determine the effects of outsourcing for American workers and for productivity measurement.


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Outsourcing to Staffing Services: How Manufacturers' Use of Staffing Agencies Affects Employment and Productivity, Matthew Dey, Susan Houseman (2007)


W.E Upjohn Institute

Subject Area

LABOR MARKET ISSUES; Employment relationships