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This report provides a cost-estimate of a two-year universal, place-based scholarship program for the School District of Beloit. The scholarship could be used at any technical two-year public college in Wisconsin. The cost estimates of a first-dollar and middle-dollar scholarship program, which would require students to complete their FAFSA, are provided to the year 2023. This report is based on modifying an impact model constructed by the Upjohn Institute for the School District of Beloit to estimate the potential fiscal impact of a four-year scholarship program.

Issue Date

February 24, 2012


Greater Beloit Economic Development Corp.

Subject Areas

EDUCATION; Postsecondary education; Postsecondary access; Promise scholarships




Erickcek, George A. 2012. "Cost Estimate for a Two-Year Beloit Promise." Report prepared for Greater Beloit Economic Development Corp.