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This book provides a much-needed look at recent trends in income volatility and its effects on the design of and participation in the nation's food assistance programs.


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Download 1. Introduction / Dean Jolliffe and James P. Ziliak (242 KB)

Download 2. Trends in income and consumption volatility, 1970-2000 / Benjamin J. Keys (364 KB)

Download 3. Variable effects of earnings volatility on food stamp participation / Robert Moffitt and David C. Ribar (307 KB)

Download 4. Earnings volatility and the reasons for leaving the food stamp program / David C. Ribar and Marilyn Edelhoch (348 KB)

Download 5. The dynamics of food stamp receipt after welfare reform among current and former welfare recipients / Brian Cadena, Sheldon Danziger, and Kristin Seefeldt (341 KB)

Download 6. Income volatility and its implication for school lunch / Constance Newman (374 KB)

Download 7.The age gradient in food stamp program participation : does income volatility matter? / Craig Gundersen and James P. Ziliak (489 KB)

Download 8. Design of assistance programs to address real income volatility / Robin Broadway, Katherine Cuff, and Nicolas Marceau (436 KB)

Download 9. Income volatility and certification duration for WIC children / Mark A. Prell (421 KB)


9780880993364 (cloth) ; 9780880993357 (pbk.) ; 9781435684126 (ebook)

Subject Areas

UNEMPLOYMENT, DISABILITY, and INCOME SUPPORT PROGRAMS; Poverty and income support; Income support programs

Income Volatility and Food Assistance in the United States




Jolliffe, Dean, and James P. Ziliak, eds. 2008. Income Volatility and Food Assistance in the United States. Kalamazoo, MI: W.E. Upjohn Institute for Employment Research.

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