Measuring Globalization: Better Trade Statistics for Better Policy


Measuring Globalization: Better Trade Statistics for Better Policy






Understanding the impacts of globalization requires good data, and national statistical systems were not designed to measure many of the transactions occurring in today’s global economy. The chapters in this volume and its companion volume identify biases and gaps in national statistics, examine the magnitude of the problems they pose, and propose solutions to address significant biases and fill key data gaps.


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Volume 1. Biases to Price, Output, and Productivity Statistics from Trade

1. Introduction / Susan N. Houseman

Part 1: Trade-Related Biases to Price Indexes: Theory

2. Sourcing Substitution and Related Price Index Biases / Alice O. Nakamura, W. Erwin Diewert, John S. Greenlees, Leonard I. Nakamura, and Marshall B. Reinsdorf -- 3. Assessing Price Indexes for Markets with Trading Frictions: A Quantitative Illustration / Brian K. Kovak and Ryan Michaels -- 4. Specific Trade Costs, Quality, and Import Prices / Benjamin Bridgman

Part 2: Evidence of Biases to Statistics and Measuring Industry Competitiveness

5. Measuring Manufacturing : How the Computer and Semiconductor Industries Affect the Numbers and Perceptions / Susan N. Houseman, Timothy J. Bartik, and Timothy Sturgeon -- 6. Import Sourcing Bias in Manufacturing Productivity Growth: Evidence across Advanced and Emerging Economies / Robert Inklaar -- 7. Biases to Manufacturing Statistics from Offshoring: Evidence from Japan / Kyoji Fukao and Sonoe Arai -- 8. Import Allocation across Industries, Import Prices across Countries, and Estimates of Industry Growth and Productivity / Jon D. Samuels, Thomas F. Howells III, Matthew Russell, and Erich H. Strassner

Part 3: Eliminating Biases: Proposals to Improve Price Statistics

9. The Impact of Globalization on Prices: A Test of Hedonic Price Indexes for Imports / Mina Kim and Marshall B. Reinsdorf -- 10. Producing an Input Price Index / William Alterman

Volume 2. Factoryless Manufacturing, Global Supply Chains, and Trade in Intangibles and Data

1. Introduction / Michael Mandel

Part 1: Factoryless Manufacturing

2. Reflecting Factoryless Goods Production in the U.S. Statistical System / Maureen Doherty -- 3. Measuring “Factoryless” Manufacturing: Evidence from U.S. Surveys / Fariha Kamal, Brent R. Moulton, and Jennifer Ribarsky -- 4. The Scope of U.S. “Factoryless Manufacturing” / Kimberly Bayard, David Byrne, and Dominic Smith

Part 2: Global Supply Chains

5. Incomes and Jobs in Global Production of Manufactures: New Measures of Competitiveness Based on the World Input-Output Database / Marcel P. Timmer, Bart Los, and Gaaitzen J. de Vries -- 6. Measuring Trade in Value-Added and Beyond / Nadim Ahmad -- 7. Import Uses and Domestic Value-Added in Chinese Exports: What Can We Learn from Chinese Microdata? / Shunli Yao, Hong Ma, and Jiansuo Pei

Part 3: Services and Intangibles and Data

8. A Formulary Approach for Attributing Measured Production to Foreign Affiliates of U.S. Parents / Dylan G. Rassier and Jennifer Koncz-Bruner -- 9. Data, Trade, and Growth / Michael Mandel


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Subject Areas

INTERNATIONAL ISSUES; Globalization; Productivity measurement; Trade issues

Measuring Globalization: Better Trade Statistics for Better Policy




Houseman, Susan N. and Michael Mandel, eds. 2015. Measuring Globalization: Better Trade Statistics for Better Policy. Kalamazoo, MI: W.E. Upjohn Institute for Employment Research.