Understanding the Evolution of Multiple Jobholding in Canada and the United States

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Early Career Research Award


While in Canada the number of workers who hold multiple jobs has increased secularly, this number has fallen in the United States in the past two decades. The goal of this project is to understand these trends. First, I will use longitudinally-linked micro-data to provide a comprehensive picture of the gross worker flows that underlie the evolution of multiple jobholding in both countries. Second, I will combine these data with information on income and program participation from the Longitudinal Administrative Databank (Canada) and from recent merges between the March supplements and the monthly files of the Current Population Survey (U.S.). I will conduct a comparative study highlighting the contribution of income maintenance programs to the different dynamics of multiple jobholding in Canada and the United States.

Grant Product

Search and Multiple Jobholding
Upjohn Institute Working Paper No. 19-305, 2019

Multiple Jobholding: Knowing the Facts to Draw Proper Policy Conclusions
Upjohn Institute Policy Brief No. 11, 2019