Does Paid Leave Promote Employment Stability?

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Early Career Research Award


The stability and quality of employment has been declining for low-wage U.S. workers long before the current economic crisis emerged. Research shows that instability in the low-wage labor market is detrimental to many aspects of family life, including earnings, routines, worker stress, and child well-being. Yet, many low-skilled jobs may not promote job retention by failing to offer employees the financial and time flexibility to balance family and work responsibilities. This study examines whether employee access to paid sick or vacation leave is associated with the probability of job retention, as workers with paid leave may theoretically be better able to address both routine and urgent family issues without having to quit a job or risk being fired. The analysis uses data from the Medical Expenditure Panel Survey – Household Component.

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Paid Sick Leave and Job Stability
Work & Occupations (May 2013) 40(2): 143-173