Falling Through The Cracks: The Crisis of Jobs and Healthcare for Unemployed Americans Aged 55–64

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Policy research grant


This project will address the unmet needs of a particularly vulnerable subgroup within the category of older Americans: those experiencing unemployment in their preretirement years. The researchers propose to launch a research and advocacy campaign to shed light on, and offer solutions to, the lack of job and healthcare options for unemployed workers aged 55-64. This age group faces steep competition for jobs from their younger counterparts, and they are too young for Social Security and Medicare. The research agenda will begin by detailing the current recession’s corrosive effects on these pre-Social Security retirees. In addition, researchers will consider whether retraining programs help older Americans who lose their jobs transition to other jobs. In addition to documenting the income challenges that the target population faces, researchers will analyze the available healthcare choices.

Grant Product

"New Policies for an Older Unemployed Population." Schwartz Center for Economic Policy Analysis, The New School for Social Research, SCEPA working paper series 2013-3, 2013