Mandatory Retirement and Its Impacts on Consumption in China

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Early Career Research Award


This project proposes to investigate household consumption changes at retirement in China, exploring a large confidential data set that has detailed quantity and price information on refined consumption categories. Regression discontinuity (RD) and recently developed quantile RD design will be used, taking advantage of the special institutional feature of China, the mandatory retirement policy. Unlike existing studies, which focus on developed Western countries, this project will provide evidence from a large developing country. This project will also exploit mandatory retirement as a quasi-experimental setting for nonparametric identification of the effect of retirement on consumption. More importantly, this project will provide direct evidence on consumption price and quantity changes, instead of just expenditure changes.

Grant Product

Mandatory Retirement and the Consumption Puzzle: Prices Decline or Quantities Decline?
Upjohn Institute working paper 16-251, 2016

Asian Bureau of Finance and Economic Research, 2015 working paper (December 2014), under same title

Economic Inquiry 55(4) (October 2017): 1738-1758, DOI: 10.1111/ecin.12456, under title: Mandatory Retirement and the Consumption Puzzle: Disentangling Price and Quantity Declines.