City of Cleveland Ward 7 Baseline Survey

Project Dates

07/01/2018 -


The Hough neighborhood, located in the Ward 7 of the city of Cleveland, continues to underperform economically relative to the city, county and region economies. The neighborhood experiences comparatively low labor force participation rates, and among those in the labor market, comparatively high levels of unemployment. Working with the Councilman and his staff, as well as partners at FirstEnergy, the Cleveland Foundation and Case's MSASS, the goal of this project is to collect data from residents on where they work and how they access work, and if they are not working or not part of the labor market, what the barriers to employment are currently. Additionally, there is a significant number of houses of worship in the neighborhood. As an asset in the neighborhood, these will also be surveyed to better understand which services, if any, are currently offered onsite that help to overcome barriers to people seeking and maintaining employment. At the conclusion of the study a better understanding of conditions in the Hough neighborhood will exist so that actual barriers can be addressed both in the near and longer terms.


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