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Gull Lake View Golf Club and Resort, located in Augusta, Michigan, operates several golf courses in the greater Kalamazoo region. A significant portion of its clients is not only from outside the region, but also outside the state of Michigan. Along with golf operations, Gull Lake View offers lodging, spa services, eating and drinking establishments, and meetings, weddings, and other events. The Resort wanted to better understand from where outside the region its patrons come and the economic impact resulting from the activities generated by these patrons.

Issue Date

September 28, 2018


Upjohn project #35140


Gull Lake View Golf Club, Inc.

Subject Areas

ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT; Industry studies; Michigan studies




Robey, Jim, Stephen Biddle, Claudette Robey, Marie Holler, Brian Pittelko, and Kathleen Bolter. 2018. "Estimating the Economic Impacts of Gull Lake View Golf Club and Resort." Prepared for Gull Lake View Golf Club, Inc.