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Bedford County Development Association (BCDA) engaged Juniper Solutions (“Juniper”) and The W.E. Upjohn Institute for Employment Research (“Upjohn”), collectively the “Team,” to study the current economic conditions of Bedford County to assess potential opportunities from a workforce development and commercial real estate perspective. As part of this effort, the initial process entailed creating a baseline assessment leveraging a multitude of data sources, ranging from U.S. Census Bureau to subscription-based platforms like CoStar for commercial real estate and BurningGlass for job posting metrics. During the quantitative data collection, the the Team also met with stakeholders including public officials, County administrators, real estate brokers, and local workforce development experts to gather qualitative information. The interviews were focused on how the County can position itself for future growth opportunities, while identifying the current hurdles and setbacks.

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May 8, 2019


Upjohn project #35150


Juniper Solutions

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ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT; Local labor markets; Regional policy and planning




Burnside, Dennis, Jim Robey, and Brian Pittelko. 2019. "Bedford County Economic Needs Assessment." Prepared for Juniper Solutions.