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Kalamazoo Community Data System Report


This analysis employs a traditional methodology to reproduce American Community Survey (ACS) data as those data would be if neighborhoods within the city of Kalamazoo were recognized by the U.S. Census Bureau. By aggregating publicly available ACS information from recognized census geographies, rates of home ownership and home values within three city neighborhoods are estimated. Home ownership rates by race are approximated. Rates of homeownership in the Eastside neighborhood are similar to those across Kalamazoo County and the state of Michigan. While all three neighborhoods have lower average values of owned homes relative to their county and state neighbors, home values in the Edison neighborhood are higher on average than those in the other analyzed neighborhoods. Although home ownership rates and home values show signs of being lower in the Northside neighborhood relative to the other analyzed neighborhoods, these differences could not be confirmed statistically.

Issue Date

June 2023


Upjohn project #34318


City of Kalamazoo

Subject Areas

Michigan studies; Regional collaboration; Urban issues




Gipper, Val. 2023. "Home Ownership in City Core Neighborhoods." Report prepared for Shared Prosperity Kalamazoo.