Publication Date


Issue Date

March 2024


Upjohn project #58505

Subject Areas

EDUCATION; Postsecondary education; Adult education; Postsecondary access; Promise scholarships; LABOR MARKET ISSUES; Wages, health insurance and other benefits; Work and family balance; ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT; Entrepreneurship and innovation; Local labor markets; Regional policy and planning; Transportation and infrastructure

kb24pfphch1_2.pdf (1108 kB)
1. Brain Drain or Brain Gain: Where College Graduates Locate / Brad Hershbein

kb24pfphch2_2.pdf (1537 kB)
2. Remote Work’s Quiet Impact on Rural Communities / Brian Asquith

kb24pfphch3_2.pdf (912 kB)
3. Reimagining Business Incentives to Do More with Less / Tim Bartik

kb24pfphch4_2.pdf (1168 kB)
4. ARPA’s Small Community Quandary / Kyle Huisman, Kathleen Bolter, and Lee Adams

kb24pfphch5_2.pdf (1239 kB)
5. Sandwich Generation: Caring for Children and Older Adults / Gabrielle Pepin and Yulya Truskinovsky

kb24pfphch6_2.pdf (1121 kB)
6. Tuition-Free College: Promise Program Sustainability / Michelle Miller-Adams

kb24pfphch7_2.pdf (957 kB)
7. The Evolution of Promise Scholarship Programs / Bridget Timmeney and Alfonso Hernandez

kb24pfphch8_2.pdf (1854 kB)
8. Three Exciting Support Models to Supercharge Community College Outcomes / Kathleen Bolter

kb24pfphch9_2.pdf (924 kB)
9. Responsive Training: Driving Innovation Economies / Iryna V. Lendel

kb24pfphch10_2.pdf (895 kB)
Q+A - Insights from Four Members of the Policies for Place Advisory Network / Kyle Huisman




Bolter, Kathleen, Tim Bartik, Brad Hershbein, Michelle Miller-Adams, Lee Adams, Brian Asquith, Alfonso Hernandez, Kyle Huisman, Iryna V. Lendel, Gabrielle Pepin, Bridget Timmeney, Beth Truesdale, and Yulya Truskinovsky. 2024. "Policies for Place: How to Make Sustainable Investments in Communities." Report prepared for the W.E. Upjohn Institute for Employment Research.