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This book explores the causes, character, and potential remedies for the growing spatial competition for capital. Its diverse group of contributors present a broad set of workable reforms including: regulation of site consultants; mandated transparency in negotiations, bids, and deals; better structured deals; performance requirements and clawbacks for subsidized firms; and adoption of united economic development budgets.


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Download 1. Institutional and Political Determinants of Incentive Competition / nstitutional and Political Determinants of Incentive Competition / Ann Markusen and Katherine Nesse (335 KB)

Download 2. The Sources and Processes of Tax and Subsidy Competition / Kenneth Thomas (232 KB)

Download 3. The Fiscal Consequences of Competition for Capital / Peter Fisher (335 KB)

Download 4. How the EU Manages Subsidy Competition / Adinda Sinnaeve (255 KB)

Download 5. Solving the Problems of Economic Development Incentives / Timothy J. Bartik (382 KB)

Download 6. Negotiating the Ideal Deal: Which Local Governments Have the Most Bargaining Leverage? / Rachel Weber (248 KB)

Download 7. Do Better Job Creation Subsidies Hold Real Promise for Business Incentive Reformers? / William Schweke (257 KB)

Download 8. Nine Concrete Ways to Curtail the Economic War among the States / Greg LeRoy (314 KB)


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ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT; Regional policy and planning; Business and tax incentives

Reining in the Competition for Capital


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Markusen, Ann, ed. 2007. Reining in the Competition for Capital. Kalamazoo, MI: W.E. Upjohn Institute for Employment Research.

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