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Health care cost increases may seem under control but the issue of access remains a serious problem. This text features a dozen essays addressing that issue from the states' perspective.


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Download 1. Introduction / John H. Goddeeris and Andrew J. Hogan (486 KB)

Download 2. Nature and Dimensions of the Problem of Access / Rashid Bashshur and Cater Webb (1.8 MB)

Download 3. Universal Health Insurance Coverage Through a Single Public Payer / Andrew J. Hogan, John H. Goddeeris (1.4 MB)

Download 4. Combining Private Insurance with Public Programs to Achieve Universal Coverage / John H. Goddeeris (1.3 MB)

Download 5.1 Piecemeal Programs of Health Insurance for the Uninsured / Andrew J. Hogan (250 KB)

Download 5.2 Small Employer Health Insurance Pools / Andrew J. Hogan and Stephen A. Woodbury (583 KB)

Download 5.3 Medicaid Buy-In Programs for Uninsured Children and Nonworking Adults / Andrew J. Hogan and Stephen A. Woodbury (383 KB)

Download 5.4 High-Risk Pools / Dianne Miller Wolman (707 KB)

Download 5.5 Uncompensated Care: What States Are Doing / John M. Herrick and Joseph Papsidero (682 KB)

Download 6. Benefit Package Considerations in a State Health Care Plan / David R. Nerenz, Barry M. Zajac, Denise P. Repasky, Patricia D. Williams, and Vinod K. Sahney (1.6 MB)

Download 7. Public Financing Approaches to Improve Access to Health Care: Alternative Revenue Sources / John E. Anderson (1.3 MB)

Download 8. Labor Market Impacts of Policies to Expand Access to Health Care / Stephen A. Woodbury and Andrew J. Hogan (1.3 MB)

Download 9. Just Caring: An Experiment in Health Policy Formation / Leonard M. Fleck (1.9 MB)


Part I An Overview of the Access Problem

Part II State Level Policies to Improve Access

Part III Issues in Policy Implementation


9780880991186 (pbk.) ; 9780880995733 (ebook)

Subject Areas

LABOR MARKET ISSUES; Wages, health insurance and other benefits; Health insurance

Improving Access to Health Care: What Can the States Do?




Goddeeris, John H. and Andrew J. Hogan, eds. 1992. Improving Access to Health Care: What Can the States Do? Kalamazoo, MI: W.E. Upjohn Institute for Employment Research.

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