The Political Economy of Good Governance


The Political Economy of Good Governance

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The contributors to this book capture several of the key dimensions of good governance, as well as what deleterious and negative consequences may arise in its absence. They draw analysis and solutions from diverse sectors such as economics, public administration, management, and political science, in order to treat some of the most pressing societal issues of our time. They connect the importance of education, health, climate change, and poverty to address the challenges of creating a world where more countries embrace good governance policies to benefit their peoples.


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  1. Introduction / Sisay Asefa and Wei-Chiao Huang
  2. The Role of Performance Management in Good Governance / Carolyn J. Heinrich
  3. Political Parties, Democracy, and "Good Governance" / John Ishiyama
  4. Good Governance in Transition Economies: A Comparative Analysis / Susan J. Linz
  5. Governance Challenges in Education and Health Care in Developing Countries / Seema Jayachandran
  6. Governance Problems and Priorities for Local Climate Adaptation and Poverty Alleviation / Stephen C. Smith
  7. The Challenges of Good Governance and Leadership in Developing Countries; Cases from Africa and China / Sisay Asefa and Wei-Chiao Huang


The papers in this book were presented at the 2012-2013 Werner Sichel Lecture-seminar Series held at Western Michigan University


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INTERNATIONAL ISSUES; International labor comparisons

The Political Economy of Good Governance




Asefa, Sisay, and Wei-Chiao Huang, eds. 2015. The Political Economy of Good Governance. Kalamazoo, MI: W.E. Upjohn Institute for Employment Research.