In Their Own Words: Student Perspectives on School-To-Work Opportunities

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Focus group interviews were held with approximately 60 of the several hundred high school students who are participating in school-to-work transition programs offered through the Kalamazoo County (Michigan) Education for Employment (EFE) consortium, The 10 focus groups held involved 5-8 students each and were distributed across program types as follows: 3 school-based programs; 4 worksite-based classroom programs; 1 workforce entry; 1business/industry worksite trainIng; and 1 apprenticeship. The students were quite satisfied with their EFE program and credited it with helping them do the following: learn more effectively; formulate and work toward post secondary education plans; formulate career interests; acquire employability and personal development skills; and obtain desirable part-time employment. The students also identified problems and challenges in the following areas: scheduling and transportation; educational content of work experiences; lack of challenge in coursework: and inadequate publicity and outreach to students.


Academy for Educational Development


U.S. Department of Education, Office of Educational Research and Improvement, Office of Research, Contract No. RR91172012

Subject Areas

EDUCATION; K-12 Education; Postsecondary education; Career and technical education




Hollenbeck, Kevin. 1996. "In Their Own Words: Student Perspectives on School-To-Work Opportunities." Washington, D.C.: National Institute for Work and Learning, Academy for Educational Development.