The Impact of Nurse Turnover and Quality of Care: Evidence from the Great Recession

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Early Career Research Award


A large literature finds that high nursing turnover is associated with poor quality of care in nursing homes. This existing evidence is, however, problematic since none of them address the possible endogeneity of job turnover. This research will estimate the causal effect of nurse turnover on the quality of nursing home care by using an instrumental variable estimation that uses employment rate as an instrument for nursing turnover.

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The Impact of Nurse Turnover on Quality of Care and Mortality in Nursing Homes:Evidence from the Great Recession
Upjohn Institute working paper 16-249, 2016

American Journal of Health Economics, Spring 2018, Vol. 4, No. 2, pp. 131–163

Miami University Farmer School of Business Working paper # - 2015-06, under same title