Cost Estimate for a Jacksonville (IL) Promise

Project Dates

04/15/2013 - 09/05/2013


The Upjohn Institute prepared both first-dollar and middle-dollar cost estimates of a proposed Jacksonville, IL Promise over a 10-year time frame. A middle-dollar program requires students to complete their FAFSA and then fills the gap between federal/state financial aid and college cost. The estimates were for a universal college scholarship for all students who have attended and graduated from a District 117 Jacksonville, IL high school maintaining residency and enrollment within the district for a minimum of four years. The scholarship will be limited to attendance at one of the three post-secondary institutions in Jacksonville: Lincoln Land College, MacMurray College, or Illinois College. The report provided a detailed description of the methodology used in calculating the estimates.


Jacksonville (IL) Promise Board

Subject Area

EDUCATION; Promise scholarships