Talent Match

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For southwest Michigan to remain a leader in innovation and production, it must develop, retain, and attract the talent that a modern economy demands. The purpose of this project is to assess both aspects of the local labor market, supply and demand, in an effort to assist local business and education leaders with the identification and implementation of talent matching strategies in Southwest Michigan. The basis for these strategies will include the leveraging and coordination of existing resources, identification of gaps, and forecasting future needs, all in an effort to develop, attract, and retain talent while preparing for in-demand careers. Furthermore, strategies developed through this project will endeavor to improve workforce turnover rates by improving talent identification practices utilized by businesses throughout the region. The objective of this project is to provide regional coordination and facilitation and enhance talent development, datasets, and knowledge sharing to enable employers and educators to create efficient talent matching strategies. Regional coordination will help to alleviate duplication and services gaps while providing a platform for the sharing of resources, experiences, and best practices. Regional knowledge shared by subject matter experts, business leaders, and educators will help to optimize programming and hiring practices utilized throughout the region. Regionally-based data sets will enable subject matter experts, business leaders, and educators to make defensible data-driven decisions regarding hiring practices and training programs. Talent matching strategies will allow educators and employers to enhance existing, and develop new, efforts that will result in lower turnover and unemployment rates.

Subject Area

WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT; Job skills and standards