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The main aim of the national reemployment project in China is to redeploy workers identified as redundant within urban state owned enterprises (SOEs) to new jobs.1 As part of a larger effort to document the success of the reemployment project in China, a net impact analysis of retraining will be performed using a sample drawn from three cities which span the range of economic conditions in China: Shanghai, Wuhan and Shenyang. 2 This paper presents a practical design for the sampling necessary to undertake the evaluation.

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August 1998

Subject Areas

INTERNATIONAL ISSUES; International labor comparisons; WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT; Public training programs




O'Leary, Christopher J., and Benu Bidani. 1998. "Design for a Net Impact Evaluation of Retraining in China." Kalamazoo, MI: W.E. Upjohn Institute for Employment Research.