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The chapters explore implications of an aging workforce for a number of social programs in the coming decades, and point to the critical policy issues we must face when growing numbers of older workers begin to strain the capacity of those programs.


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Download 1. Editors' Introduction / Peter P. Budetti, Richard V. Burkhauser, Janice M. Gregory, and H. Allan Hunt (661 KB)

Download 2. Health Insurance Coverage of People in the Ten Years before Medicare Eligibility / Katherine Swartz, Betsey Stevenson (1.3 MB)

Download 3. Workers' Compensation and Older Workers / John F. Burton, Jr., Emily A. Spieler (2.8 MB)

Download 4. Unemployment Compensation and Older Workers / Christopher J. O'Leary, Stephen A. Wandner (2.5 MB)

Download 5. Getting Older in the 21st Century / Mark V. Nadel (1.5 MB)

Download 6. Social Insurance and the Older Worker / Robert Haveman (810 KB)

Download 7. Commentary / Walter B. Maher (378 KB)

Download 8. Commentary / David A. Smith (280 KB)

Download 9. The Effects of Job Loss on Older Workers / Sevin Chan, Ann Huff Stevens (1.2 MB)

Download 10. The Effect of a Job Loss on the Employment Experience, Benefits, and Retirement Savings of Bank Officers / Jill S. Quadagno, David A. Macpherson, Jennifer Reid Keene (1.1 MB)

Download 11. Extending Health Insurance Coverage for Older Workers and Early Retirees / Karen Pollitz (1.3 MB)

Download 12. Commentary / Katherine Swartz (368 KB)

Download 13. Permanent Partial Disability from Occupational Injuries / Jeff E. Biddle, Leslie I. Boden, Robert T. Reville (1.6 MB)

Download 14. How Working-Age People with Disabilities Fared over the 1990s Business Cycle / Richard V. Burkhauser, Mary C. Daly, Andrew J. Houtenville (2.2 MB)

Download 15. Health, Disability and the Aging Workforce from the Employer's Perspective / Bruce G. Flynn (394 KB)

Download 16. Commentary / Vicki Gottlich and Patricia Nemore (544 KB)

Download 17. Commentary / Barbara Wolfe (630 KB)

Download 18. Retirement Trends and Policies to Encourage Work among Older Americans / Gary Burtless and Joseph F. Quinn (2.4 MB)

Download 19. Employer Perspective on Retirement Trends and Policies to Encourage Work among Older Americans / Anna M. Rappaport (778 KB)

Download 20. Living Longer, but Able to Work? / Glenn Pransky (492 KB)

Download 21. Commentary / Tereas Ghilarducci (547 KB)

Download 22. Policy Options for Filling Gaps in the Health Insurance Coverage of Older Workers and Early Retirees / Len M. Nichols (1.5 MB)

Download 23. Commentary / Deborah Chollet (313 KB)

Download 24. Commentary / Frank McArdle (475 KB)

Download 25. Commentary / Diane Rowland (335 KB)


Based on the National Academy of Social Insurance's 12th annual conference, held Jan. 26-27, 2000 in Washington, D.C.


National Academy of Social Insurance (U.S.). Conference


9780880992206 (cloth) ; 9780880992190 (pbk.) ; 9780880994668 (ebook)

Subject Areas

LABOR MARKET ISSUES; Retirement and pensions; UNEMPLOYMENT, DISABILITY, and INCOME SUPPORT PROGRAMS; Unemployment insurance; Workers compensation and disability; Disability

Ensuring Health and Income Security for an Aging Workforce




Budetti, Peter P., Richard V. Burkhauser, Janice M. Gregory, and H. Allan Hunt, eds. 2001. Ensuring Health and Income Security for an Aging Workforce. Kalamazoo, MI: W.E. Upjohn Institute for Employment Research.

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