Neighborhood Employment Hubs

Project Dates

06/01/2017 -


Michigan Works Southwest! is striving to serve the neighborhoods with the highest poverty/unemployment in Battle Creek through a collaboration with neighborhood organizations and community partners. We will be co-locating with three organizations strategically located throughout diverse neighborhoods of Battle Creek and also working with the county jail to provide services to individuals prior to release, assisting in a successful transition into the community. In collaboration with Kellogg Community College, Michigan Works will refer suitable individuals to training in fields that will result in employment . Michigan Works Southwest is focused on bringing individuals above the poverty level by removing barriers and finding employment for individuals who typically do not access Michigan Works services. To achieve this, Michigan Works Southwest will be providing services to 700 individuals over three years.


W.K. Kellogg Foundation

Subject Area

WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT; Public training programs; On the job training; Job skills and standards